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Free as a bird,

this is how you feel when you float high up in the air and look at the landscape from a bird's eye view. Ever since Icarus, people have dreamed of flying and with the hang-glider and paraglider this dream has come true for the brave. Sesto also offers this sport and certified pilots from the Cumulus Club take adventurous guests on tandem flights to lofty heights.


Experienced paraglider pilots take off alone, of course, and reach altitudes of over 4000 m with good thermals.

Oberbachernspitze, Sexten, Dolomiten

Departure from Schusterplatte 2957 m.

In many cases, the start is from the Helm, because the cable car takes care of most of the ascent. However, the start from various mountain peaks is becoming increasingly popular for advanced skiers. The effort of the ascent with the paraglider on your back is considerable, but a certain tingling sensation is still appealing.

Hochbrunnerschneide, Sexten, Dolomiten

Start of a tandem flight from the Oberbachernspitze


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