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Climbing in the Sexten Dolomites and surroundings

The Dolomites with their bizarre towers and vertical rock faces are probably one of the most famous climbing mountains in the Alps. Especially the eastern part with the unique mountain scenery of the Sesto Dolomites is a real climbing paradise. Already more than 150 years ago the most successful mountain pioneers of the time were fascinated by the beauty of this rocky landscape and began to climb peak after peak. Ever since Paul Grohmann climbed the 3,152 m high Dreischusterspitze and the 3,000 m high Große Zinne with Franz Innerkofler and Peter Salcher in 1869, the European mountaineering elite has been conquering peak after peak, wall after wall on increasingly difficult routes.

Today there are only in the Drei Zinnen over 200 different climbing routes of the 2nd degree of difficulty from the beginning to the most difficult leading through the greatest rock shelter in the world at the Western Battlement. - 42 meters in the horizontal - (red circle)

Oberbachernspitze, Sexten, Dolomiten

If you want to have a happy mountain experience, you should consider at least 4 things:
1. inform yourself about the tour and prepare it well,
2. take the weather conditions into account,
3. take the necessary equipment with you,
4. assess his abilities correctly.

Oberbachernspitze, Sexten, Dolomiten

However, the queen of the laces in terms of view is the Dreischusterspitze. With its 3,152 m it is the highest peak of the Sesto Dolomites. Today it is almost only climbed via the west face (3rd degree of difficulty) or on the normal route from the Steinalpenscharte (one point 4th degree). Because of the extremely long, arduous ascent (approx. 1700 m.) and the partly brittle rock, it is not very often climbed, but standing at the summit cross and looking down on all the other peaks is an indescribable feeling.

Oberbachernspitze, Sexten, Dolomiten

... even for normal mountain fans there are many climbing guides in the Sesto Dolomites in the easy to medium range.

Oberbachernspitze, Sexten, Dolomiten

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